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September 2015 | Football & Fashion


OXFORD, Miss. (WTVA) --August 31, 2015


Over the next few months, The Grove at Ole Miss will see thousands of visitors during home football games.  But these visitors need a place to stay.

"As we're opening more hotels, there are more hotel rooms available," said realtor Kay Hightower, "but there's still not enough hotel rooms for all the people that come to town."

So many people rent homes or apartments for game weekends.

With more people looking for those rentals online, there's an increased risk of scams.

Major Jeff McCutchen with the Oxford Police Department says it's becoming a big problem. 

"What we've found is just through the last few years, it's really just skyrocketed," said Major McCutchen.

Over the past two weeks, Oxford Police got five different calls reporting scams, and it's hard for them to track down scammers over the Internet.

"A lot of times these emails are generated from overseas," said Major McCutchen, "and at that point you're really out of luck trying to figure out who they are."

Hightower suggests doing your research before you book your rental. 

"Be snoopy," said Hightower, "get on the Internet. Google the person, Google their phone number, Google the address. You can find out a lot of things."

One more piece of advice from police: never wire money over the Internet to secure a rental.

Editor's note: The rental properties shown in our story are not involved in any scams mentioned.